Monday 1 November Frameworks for Success

Introducing business frameworks to start amplifying the potential of their design skills within the business setting. This track is for Design practitioners who have technical design skills but wish to develop practical business frameworks and soft skills which help them present their designs confidently in a business context.

Tuesday 2 November Hacking Skillsets; Leading Processes

This day will welcome team Directors/Leads/Heads of/managers to share stories of their personal success in leveraging business skills to amplify Design’s impact: ‘hacking’ business strategies, sharing the design mindset within other disciplines (sales/engineering etc) and understanding how to plan with and lead your team in this context.

Wednesday 3 November Leading Design; Creating Space

Dedicated to redefining what it means to “scale design”, we want to move away from a discussion of ‘scaling teams’ and instead, focus on how we scale the value of design to the business. This day will be aimed at senior design leaders sharing what it means to be a business executive, who is accountable for a design capability and helping their organisations mature how they leverage design.

Friday 5 November Workshops

These hands-on sessions will offer deep dives into the practical application of some of the toolsets and frameworks discussed during the conference. You will have the opportunity to try these methods and disseminate them within your own projects.

Workshop A - Design + Strategy + Diversity = Inclusion

Workshop B - Lean Business Scorecard

Workshop C - As good as it gets? How organizational competency is setting the conditions for design leadership

Business X Design Virtual Conference

Dedicated to craft of design and the business!

The nature of this event is to amplify the impact of design as a core capability of business, and design’s responsibility to demonstrate its contribution to both business and human outcomes.

Over three days, we will follow the evolving business maturity of the designer, as they move from senior practitioner through to leader and how it changes the expectations of the role.

The conference will conclude with a workshop day where, together with industry leaders, you will apply practical business frameworks to your business settings.